This Flag’s a Great Idea

  1. We have stolen the gay’s playbook. By taking the same position as gays, we have stolen their playbook and can not only demand equal treatment but can follow the same path they have taken to influence the culture.
  2. We are taking the initiative. In virtually all other confrontations we have been reacting to an attack by the other side. In this case we are finally, finally initiating confrontations at times and places of our own choosing.
  3. We have the law on our side. Each and every gay rights law protects heterosexuality the same as homosexuality. If one side is allowed to display a flag supporting their values we are too. If a business or government body allows or displays theirs and not ours they are, in the words of discrimination law, illegally “making us feel unwelcome or uninvited.” As just a single example, Seattle Municipal Code 14.08.020 states “‘Sexual orientation’ means actual or perceived male or female heterosexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality, and includes a person’s attitudes, preferences, beliefs, and practices pertaining thereto. [emphasis added]” The beliefs promulgated by this flag have identical legal protection to the beliefs promulgated by the pride flag. If one is allowed to display their attitudes and beliefs with one flag it would be a direct violation of Seattle’s discrimination law to inhibit displays of the other flag. Equal treatment is guaranteed by other discrimination laws even without the specific language in Seattle’s code.
  4. We can prove that discrimination laws are enforced in a discriminatory manner. Years ago in the South few Blacks registered to vote. It was said that they just weren’t interested in civic matters. This myth continued until the civil rights movement came along and Blacks repeatedly tried to register to vote but only to prove that officials would not allow them to register. When people try to file discrimination complaints for unequal treatment for the Sexual Sanity flag and are refused they can document the discriminatory treatment they receive from civil rights agencies. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to sue an organization tasked with preventing discrimination with discrimination themselves?
  5. This is an easy win. When even just one employer/government agency/place of “public accommodation” backs down on displaying the gay pride flag for fear of a discrimination complaint it can send shock waves through our culture.
  6. Even a loss is a win. If a court rules that an entity can fly or support the gay pride flag without equal treatment for the Sexual Sanity flag they are also ruling that another entity can fly the Sexual Sanity flag without equal treatment for the gay pride flag.
  7. The flag can unify us. Each individual group has their own logo, own mission and constituency. Our flag can act to unify all the splintered groups.
  8. The flag has an established meaning. A flag or symbol is neutral and only has a meaning that it is given. The creation of this flag and the website attached to it gives it a specific meaning and fixes that meaning. While someone might claim that it proclaims “hatred of gays” it is equally valid to claim it extolls dog breeding. The flag only has a meaning as fixed by its creator on this website.
  9. Opposition strengthens our position. If you went to, say, a municipality and asked them to fly our flag because they fly the gay pride flag they could reasonably refuse on the basis that it is not a widely known symbol. However, if they object to your flag display this demonstrates they understand its meaning and you can then demand equal treatment. So even the slightest display of this flag helps the cause.
  10. This is a mirror image and not an opposite. The pride flag promotes many agendas including, for example, that homosexual activity should not be a capital offense in Muslim nations. This flag is not promoting the opposite position of yes, this should be a capital offense, but is instead a mirror image of advocating for protecting those who hold another set of values.

An FYI: While you have a right to wear buttons with this flag on it you do not have the right to hand out fliers explaining the meaning of the flag. A business or agency can legally exclude you for leafletting on their premises but not because of wearing or displaying this symbol on the same basis as they allow the pride symbol to be displayed.

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