flag symbolism

    • The six squares represent what some consider the six days of creation.
    • It is entirely black and white and there is nothing off-color about it.
    • This flag is intended to be the exact opposite of the gay pride flag. Our flag does not use any of the colors in the gay pride flag while theirs is made entirely of stripes and ours of squares. There is no overlap between or compromise with these values. 
    • Finally, it is a small portion of the black and white checkered flag reminding all that, when the race is over, we win!

Once this icon is seen enough to become a recognized symbol, possibly even in just a single workplace, anyone can then start demanding equal treatment so that schools or businesses must either cease displaying gay pride flags or display this flag in the same manner to avoid making people with our values illegally feel “unwelcome and uninvited.” Most will choose to display nothing.

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