Advice on displaying TheOtherFlag

This flag is not intended for a flagpole in front of your house or as a bumper sticker. These places would result in vandalism for negligible gain. Rather this flag is specifically designed for places governed by discrimination law to force equal treatment. 

Most discrimination cases involve a person who has been injured, such as terminated, so that if they succeed in their action they are reinstated and break-even. But if they fail, they remain unemployed and lose. I much prefer structuring discrimination cases so if I lose, I break-even but if I win, I gain substantial ground. Particularly when you do not expect the other side to follow the rules.

If you are in an environment where others are in control, such as a workplace or school, give your manager/teacher and human rights compliance officer, if such exists, download the “letter to a manager” and ask permission to display theOtherFlag as a pin or button on the same conditions as others are allowed to display the gay pride flag. This broadcasts the meaning of the flag and places people on notice that you are not to be mistreated for displaying it. As the meaning of the flag becomes known in your school or workplace you can then demand that they display this flag in the same manner as the gay pride flag. If they allow the pride flag to be seen with the company or school logo, ask the same; if their flag goes up on a flagpole, ask the same of ours.

If you are refused permission to display our flag or display it in an equal manner you now have a valid discrimination complaint and you have (hopefully) done nothing that could result in discipline such as facing the claim that you were wearing a pin that others found offensive. As a caution, just because discrimination law protects you for displaying this flag does not mean ill-treatment won’t happen or that a judge won’t rule against you. You are using this flag at your own risk. Write up the events and send your description of the conversation to the person who refused to let you display it and ask if it is a correct understanding of what was said. Your copy is now documentation of discrimination which is helpful for pursuing a complaint. Initially ask your personnel department, union, etc. for assistance and eventually, you might want to contact a legal foundation for help. Do not expect discrimination complaints to be processed in a nondiscriminatory manner. Please let everyone know the outcome of your efforts including as it will either encourage others if you are treated equally or enrage them if you are not.

If you distribute fliers, perhaps with pins, consider your surroundings. When you are in a controlled environment and you do not have permission to distribute them, only give them individually to friends. If you hand them out in the workplace or school you can be accused of “leafletting” and face repercussions. However, you can ask for such permission and can also ask a religious leader to distribute fliers at your place of worship or in-home fellowship groups. If you are in an open forum such as a school-board meeting, distribute tons.

To download a copy of this advice click here


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