A Flag Reply to the Gay Pride Flag

You may have noticed a lot of gay pride/transgender pride flags lately. How would you personally like to be in a position to say to a government entity, public school, business, or to your employer, “Please take those down or else put ones up that reflect my values as well?” A time may not be that far away when you could legally enforce this.

Discrimination laws require that people are treated equally. If an entity covered by these laws flies flags celebrating one group’s sexual values they are required to do the same for another group’s sexual values as well. To require such compliance, we need to offer a flag like the Sexual Sanity flag above whose meaning is the mirror image of the pride flag. 

To be a mirror image, this flag does not invoke a deity for values or invoke religious terms (such as “sin” or “judgment”) to denounce sexual transgressions. Instead, Sexual Sanity only finds sexual misbehaviors “morally wrong.” When the gay community showers their opponents with invective such as “homophobes,” “bigots,” or “haters,” they are labeling them “morally wrong.” Since both say the other is morally wrong, discrimination law demands that both sides be treated equally without showing preference to one’s objections over the other’s.

Further, the flag does not necessarily proclaim that the bearer holds to a set of values; merely that they stand with the group that does. Thus, an entity cannot refuse to fly this flag because the entity does not support these values.

Sexual Sanity as represented by this flag (with the above constraints) proclaims that (1) all sexual activity except between a man and woman united in matrimony is morally wrong and (2) Genetic gender of XX or XY is established at conception. It is wrong to try to deny or change your gender.

The purpose of the gay pride flag is to show support for a set of values and to intimidate those who disagree with those values into feeling alone and isolated. Displaying this flag can greatly increase the morale of like-minded individuals by showing that there are many who support the same values.

The flag has this symbolism:

  • The six squares represent the six days of creation.
  • It is entirely black and white and there is nothing off-color about it.
  • This flag is intended to be the exact opposite of the gay pride flag. Our flag does not use any of the colors in the gay pride flag while theirs is made entirely of stripes and ours of squares. There is no overlap between or compromise with these values. 
  • Finally, it is a small portion of the black and white checkered flag reminding all that, when the race is over, we win!

Once this icon is seen enough to become a recognized symbol, possibly even in just a single workplace, anyone can then start demanding equal treatment so that entities must either cease displaying gay pride flags or display this flag in the same manner. Most will choose to display nothing.

Having the forest of pride flags suddenly wither could give the gay pride movement a heart attack. You get extra credit for asking an overtly gay establishment to make a cake, tee-shirt, or flag with this icon on it.

Click here to order free stickers and buttons with this icon as well as a file with the icon to put on tee shirts or other materials. You can download a letter for your supervisor and human rights compliance officer that explains what the symbol means and why you legally cannot be discriminated against for wearing or displaying it. As a caution, just because discrimination law protects you for displaying this flag does not mean ill-treatment won’t happen or that a judge won’t rule against you. Go here to get some advice on how to approach displaying this flag. 

To download a flier of this text click here